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Twenty-six song “Best of” collection, commemorating 20 years as a band. All tracks have been re-mastered and it features 2 unreleased songs and extensive liner notes and commentary from the band. An essential mix tape of all your favorite No Use for a Name songs for only 8 bucks! Melodic, 90’s skate-punk from one of Fat’s original bands.

26 song CD

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1:  International You Day
2:  Justified Black Eye
3:  Coming Too Close
4:  Invincible
5:  Dumb Reminders
6:  Fatal Flu
7:  Life Size Mirror
8:  On the Outside
9:  Soulmate
10:  Let Me Down
11:  Permanent Rust
12:  Chasing Rainbows
13:  Not Your Savior
14:  Black Box
15:  The Answer is Still No
16:  Straight from the Jacket
17:  Any Number Can Play
18:  For Fiona
19:  The Daily Grind
20:  Let It Slide
21:  Feeding the Fire
22:  Part Two
23:  Growing Down
24:  Exit
25:  History Defeats* (Previously Unreleased)
26:  Stunt Double* (Previously Unreleased)

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