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Ten years on the ‘Wagon and still lagging. This re-issue is a must-have collection of rarities, out-takes, long hair, old-ass demos, and covers. Some of this shit should have never been released, but that could be said for all our records! Originally released in 2000 on Joey’s now-defunct label My Records.

25 song CD

Track ListMP3Video
1:  A Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry Download
2:  Narrow Straits
3:  Burn That Bridge When We Get To It
4:  Losing Everyone
5:  Jimmy Johnson
6:  Eat Your Words
7:  Want
8:  Bring On The Dancing Horses
9:  Randal Gets Drunk
10:  Raise A Family
11:  Restrain
12:  No One Like You
13:  Freedom Of Choice
14:  Brodeo
15:  Drive By
16:  Wind In Your Sail
17:  Over The Hill
18:  Defeat You
19:  Laymens Terms
20:  Jazzy Jeff
21:  The Champ
22:  Demented Rumors
23:  Truth And Justice
24:  No Conviction
25:  Jaded Ways

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