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01Nov, 2007
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Australian tour in January

The Gimmes are headed to Australia in January…without FAT MIKE (boo) but with MELVIN (yeah)! Here’s a photo and statement from the band…

*Fat Mike can’t/won’t go to Australia and New Zealand with the Gimmes in January because he misses his daughter too much and NOFX has gotten themselves so busy making their documentary, that he has been, and will continue to be, on the road part of each and every month next year. Fortunately Eric Melvin has no kids; he had such a good time covering for Mike in Europe last summer and the Gimmes had such a good time having him along, that he has agreed to do it again this January. So if any of you Aussies or Kiwis are pissed, fine… don’t come, but please keep in mind:

a) Melvin does not talk as much so you get “more covers, less babble”
b) It was pretty much this or nothing

Fake Jackson will continue to cover for his brother Jake Jackson who we all know is very busy touring with his “side project”.*


PS: Cash will go on sale Tuesday, Nov. 6th at 11 AM PST

30Oct, 2007
The Loved Ones album title, studio photos and tour with NOFX

Philadelphia’s, the Loved Ones, recently spent the month of September in the studio recording their brand new record, Build and Burn, which is due out on Feb. 5th, 2008. The album was produced by Pete Steinkopf and Bryan Keinlen from the Bouncing Souls and it features a slew of cameos like the Hold Steady‘s Franz Nicolay (piano, Hammond B3 organ, harmonica, accordion, saw) and Tad Kubler (guitar). The new album hints at Americana rock n’ roll with expanded instrumentation, plenty of backing vocals and a thematic concept based on the album title. The band recently solidified their lineup with the addition of Dave Walsh and Chris Gonzalez of the Explosion on guitar and bass. Expect to see a series of videos from the studio, a brand new song on our upcoming online winter sampler and touring plans that take the Loved Ones through New Year’s Eve 2008! Check out these studio photos and try to catch the band on their upcoming European tour in November which includes eight shows supporting NOFX.

Ok, enough wordy album crap, check out my Motorhead pumpkin!

25Oct, 2007
Autographed NOFX Charity LP for Lance Hahn of J Church

Earlier in the week we reported some tragic news about J Church singer, Lance Hahn, passing away. We want to do what we can to help out Lance’s family with their medical bills so we are selling some autographed copies of *NOFX*’s latest LP, Wolves in Wolves Clothing, on yellow colored vinyl. We have 20 copies of the record that were donated to us by one of our generous fans, Jeff Wegner, aka Punkrockjeff. Jeff had this fitting comment on Lance’s passing that we feel is well-deserved…

“For a man that has given so much of his time, energy and life to the punk community by way of his writing, bands and projects, I feel the need to help in any way possible to give back to a man that has given so much to us. R.I.P. Lance”

We are selling each of the LP’s for $100 and while that may seem pretty expensive, be assured that ALL PROCEEDS will be going to Lance’s bills and funeral arrangements so it’s a worthwhile cause. Each person that purchases an LP will get a free J Church t-shirt. If you’d like to help out but can’t afford a record, you can also make donations for Lance’s memorial fund through PayPal to or purchase a J Church t-shirt from our site for $7 (all t-shirt sale proceeds go to his memorial fund as well). Also check out the Let’s Do It For Lance! benefit compilation.

UPDATE: Thanks to everybody’s support we’ve already sold through all the autographed NOFX LP’s.




21Oct, 2007
Lance Hahn of J Church (1967-2007)

We are very sad to report that Lance Hahn from J Church has passed away. Fat was very lucky to have known Lance as a friend and for the opportunity to release records with J Church. Our condolences go out to Lance’s family and friends. He will be greatly missed. His longtime girlfriend, Liberty, posted this news to his personal Myspace page:

“i’m so sorry to say, Lance Hahn passed away earlier this afternoon. he had been in a coma since collapsing at dialysis on friday, october 12th.

as far as the doctors can tell, this collapse was due to a sudden, drastic drop in blood pressure, which in turn was probably caused by a recurrence of the infection he had had in september combined with the stress of dialysis. he received immediate cpr from medical professionals at the dialysis center, but as it took fifteen or twenty minutes to resuscitate him, he suffered neurological damage from lack of oxygen to the brain, leaving him in a coma from which he never returned.

i can’t even begin to tell you how much he will be missed. he is much, much loved."

16Oct, 2007
New Me First 7" & Lagwagon vinyl re-press!


The first of five limited edition releases from the “Square Dance Series” country 7" collection by your favorite all-star, punk cover band. A down-home tribute to Ms. Dolly “Islands in the Stream” Parton featuring the album version of “Jolene” from the Love Their Country release and the unreleased B-side “I Will Always Love You”. We made 1,030 of these on square-shaped, black vinyl…THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO OUR MAILORDER/ONLINE CUSTOMERS. We made 2,013 on “alfalfa green” round vinyl…THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN RETAIL STORES. We are so excited about this that we decided to release the artwork for the second 7" in the series, Cash!



This is the first title to be re-pressed in the Fat Classic Colored Vinyl Series. *Lagwagon*’s Duh originally made it’s debut in October of 1992 when the label was still run out of Fat Mike’s garage. We’re doing a limited re-press of 524 copies on purple vinyl. Here’s an update from singer Joey Cape about the recording of this classic Fat release…

“Back then, we were inexperienced in the studio. It was less about the recording process and more about rehearsing. We recorded and mixed Duh in 4 days. There’s something to be said for a budget. You have to have your shit together before you go into the studio and the end result is a record that better reflects the band’s sound at the time. I think that’s why so many band’s first records are considered to be their best. Personally, I don’t think Duh was our best though.”

Next up is The Longest Line on Peruvian white vinyl.


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